New Orleans should use this in promotional material.

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so now Becks can say mama and baba. like hey pretty normal first words. 

but he doesn’t say baba for bottle, he says it to request that a trombone slide is slid on his musical table thing and then it goes “baaaa baaaa booooooo” in a tromboney way. 

cool kid right there. 

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yzma from the emperor’s new groove is a pretty big fantasy gpoy

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88problemsbutapitchaintone replied to your post “88problemsbutapitchaintone replied to your photo “I changed locations…”

Wait, as in “altering-the-pigment-of-your-hair cobalt-y”? Because that would be so rad. I am also the patron saint of supporting fabulous hair coloring.

yes! since I’ve gotten into grad school I’m going balls-to-the-wall with I’m in my 20s hair this spring/summer since I won’t be trying to interview for jobs working with young children. 

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The “Codex Rotundus” owes its name to its round shape. It is a small book of hours (9 cm diameter) made in Bruges in 1480. Thumbnails are most likely from the workshop of Dutchman Willem Date illuminator (active from 1450 to 1482). (Hildesheim Cathedral Library, Germany)

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Favourite Movies: The Princess Diaries (2001)

"You try living for 15 years thinking that you’re one person, and then in five minutes, you find out you’re a princess. Just in case I’m not enough of a freak already, let’s add a tiara!"
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Santo Spirito on an April morning #santospirito #firenze #florence #chiesa #aprile

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Woops my 10 minute study break turned into a whole year

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Coachella, weekend two.

Photos by Rachael Wright (

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