Greta Garbo’s famous profile photographed 20 years apart

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I’m in love with Red Pandas, they are so cute!!!!!!

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I mean, a white rhino is an actual pachyderm that exists. If I’m taking a literal and irritating route

shit. and I don’t know if rhinos eat peanuts, so the cookie misdirection is faltering. 

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Young and Innocent was pretty good. Kind of like Saboteur or The 39 Steps without the war connection. These “wrong man goes cross country and dells with young blonde” movies work better when the crime is incredibly vague and incredibly international.

The 39 Steps was made earlier, but of course had the exceptional novel by John Buchan to work with. 

also the way the film is shot, there is absolutely no suspense. so that is interesting? like no surprises, I know what is going to happen. not very Hitchockian, even though the plot is. I also liked both of the main actors. Lovely voices. 

watch if you like The 39 Steps and are vaguely interested to see what that would look like with no air in it. 

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Unless they’re announcing my family’s Christmas Eve games

or an actual albino pachyderm. 

either way, I imagine peanut butter cookies would be a better idea that conflating idioms. 

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"I am learning some amazing moves from this guy."

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I become visibly upset whenever anyone says “the white elephant in the room.”

what you are saying means nothing.

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i just got really confused because i thought for a second that matt smith was on game of thrones and then i realized what this was

I knew what it was and I was still really defensive of Hot Dad Davos🌊🌊🌊

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Advances for Display of Art in the Roman Palace, 1550–1750 have arrived! While many scholars have examined the sculpture, wall paintings, and tapestries found in Roman palaces of this period, this book offers a unique perspective on the way these art objects were integrated into the built environment. Display of Art in the Roman Palace, 1550–1750 can be preordered on our site

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Look, I’ve known Jake forever. Our friendship is little-boy-holding-little-girl’s-hand.

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